Full Admission

To apply for admission to the Successful Aging Career Institute, the applicant should make an appointment to see the School Admissions Representative. The applicant should bring 2 forms of I.D., one of which should be a photo I.D. The applicant should also bring any relevant documents such as a copy of the high school diploma, G.E.D., results of recent tuberculosis skin test.

During the appointment, applicants will be required to complete an Application for Admission, which includes a $50 Application Fee. The Admissions Representative will discuss the programs offered, program requirements, the program costs, and find out about the applicant's aptitudes and career goals. A brief tour of the school will be provided.

The T.A.B.E. test (Test of Adult Basic Education) will be administered to those applicants who do not have either a high school diploma or G.E.D. The criminal background check is also performed if required for program entry.
If the applicant successfully completes the steps outlined above and meets all program requirements, he or she will be asked to complete a student physical with their physician according to the requirements of the specific program.

For the Nursing Assistant program, applicants will need to have a tuberculosis skin test, called a 2-step PPD, and must be able to lift 40 lbs. After all of the required documentation is submitted, students will be considered for program enrollment. Enrollment is processed on a first come, first served basis.
The applicant will be notified of his or her acceptance into the Successful Aging Career Institute by a school representative. At this time, all payment arrangements will be finalized.

All applications for school admission must be accompanied by a fee of $50.00 A complete description of the tuition and fees for each program is available as an addendum to this School Catalog and is provided to each applicant during the admissions process and is clearly stated on the Enrollment Agreement.

Payment may be made by, check or money order. Generally, all tuition is due prior to start of class, unless otherwise agreed upon between the student and the School and stated on the Enrollment Agreement. If the full tuition is not paid or if payment arrangements have not been kept once agreed upon by the student and the school, the student may be withdrawn from his or her program of study.
Students who damage school property or equipment will be required to pay the repair or replacement costs. Students will need to meet all financial responsibilities before a certificate of program completion or diploma will be issued.